Types of Web Development For Beginners

Web Development

In simple terms, web development refers to the process of creating, building, and maintaining different websites using software programs. A person who does this job is called a web developer, and it is also considered one of the most successful and exciting career paths. It also uses various options which allow developers to switch between them often. It includes analytical thinking, creative design, and technical ability to succeed in the field.

In broad terms, three types of developers work in the web development arena –

  • Front end- developers who work on making the User Interface better
  • Back end- Developers who take care of the underlying code to run the website
  • Full-stack – Developers who manage all the other aspects of the website

In this article, we have thoroughly discussed the different areas in detail. However, gaining knowledge on the same is essential if you’re an aspiring web developer!

Front-End Web Development

When you look at a few websites, you are immediately attracted to them, making you stay on the page longer. However, it can be the opposite for other websites, which do not support the exemplary user interface for users and do not pay heed to the User’s needs. How a website looks and feels to a user depends on how a front-end developer designs it. The colors, images, load time, icons, font size, and how the website looks on different devices. It all depends on the type of programming languages used and the trends in line with the technical standards. Front-end developers must follow a safe practice that helps search engines rank their optimized web pages.

Front-End Web Development

Back-end Web Development

The codes written in different programming languages are responsible for running and maintaining a website in a stable condition. The code is generally responsible for connecting the server, and the website and a backend developer ensure that the transactions between them run smoothly. Typically, programming languages like JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, and others are used to run the programs in the backend. However, some newer tools like GoLang and Python have also made it easier to network communities and support backend web development/

Full Stack Web Development

This type of web development covers both the front-end and the backend activities and responsibilities. A full-stack developer checks the website’s complexity and is responsible for all the actions on the website – from servers to the direct user interface. Although there is a need for specialized full-stack developers who work only on one issue, they are generally well-versed in the different aspects of web development, which helps speed up the troubleshooting aspect and build and rebuild various website designs. They also check for cutting-edge technologies which can help strengthen the websites.

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