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CADE is not only a 2D vector editor but it is a tool to publish and share drawings over the Internet. After the publication CADE documents are viewable with a regular Web browser without any plug-in. To modify the drawing CADE is required.

CADE provides collaborative work on the drawings. Several users can work on the same document locking / unlocking the drawing. The document can be managed through the web interface or through the CADE windows interface.


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The published document is copied to the server and synchronized with the local copy.

The server prevents the simultaneous document editing by multiple users.

The published document's copy in JPG format is also copied to the server to provide the preview without CADE.

Weresc web server keeps the DTC files with the drawings and controls multi-user collaborative work. The functionality is implemented in php scripts and include the following functions:

  • Register users
  • Manage projects
  • Add / remove documents and projects
  • Check in and check out the documents
  • Control permissions for the projects and documents
  • Retrieve information about document's history and status
The information about the documents and projects is stored in MySQL database.

In order to open and modify the documents in browser CADE registers itself as a new Internet Explorer plug-in.

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