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CADE's command line parameters

Below is some information about the command line options for using the CADE program module, CADE.exe. CADE supports command line options to open, export to the specified format or print files.

The command format is:

CADE.exe [[/if "source"] | [/DXF12|/DXF13|/DXF14|/DXF2000|/DXF2004/DXF2007|/DWG13|/DWG14|/DWG2000|/DWG2004/DWG2007|/DGN|/DTC|/JPEG|/EMF|/PDF "destination"] [/d] [/print[*|"viewportName"]]


/if "source" - scpecifies the input file or files to load. The masks with "*" and "?" could be used.
/DXFn - convert to AutoCAD DXF version n
/DWGn - convert to AutoCAD DWG version n
/DGN - convert to MicroStation DGN
/DTC - convert to CADE control' native format DTC
/JPEG - convert to JPEG raster image format
/EMF - convert to Enhanced Metafile image
/PDF - convert to Portable Document Format
"destination" - path to the output file or files
/print[n] - print all the drawing on the paper with id=n
/print[n] * - print all the drawing' viewports on the paper with id=n
/print[n] "viewportName" - print the specified viewport on the paper with id=n
/d - delete the input file
/XAML - convert to eXtensible Application Markup Language format.
The following additinal options could be used with /XAML:
/XAMLLAYERS [canvas|tag] - directs to create "canvas" tag for each layer | use tag attribute describing the layer. By default the layers would be ignored.
/XAMLIMAGES [none|rect] - skip images | replace images by rectangles. By default the images would be converted to jpg format.

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