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The best demonstration of CADE Drawing Engine is another our product called CADE. CADE is a powerful 2D vector editor with similar to Visio functionality.

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 1 - 4 licenses 1,495$ per unit
 5 - 10 licenses 1,295.5$ per unit
 10 or more 995$ per unit

Includes royalty-free runtime distribution license which allows you to distribute CADE Control with no royalties or added expenses.


Out of Box 2D Editor

CADE Control is an ActiveX control encapsulating a powerful 2D graphic editor for Windows. It can be easily integrated to the modern Integrated Development Environments like:

  Visual Studio.NET,
  Visual C++,
  Visual Basic 6.0,
  Borland Delphi,
  Borland C++ Builder,
  Microsoft Java

CADE Control methods, properties and events give you full control over the drawing engine and let you associate specific business logic with the graphic data. The functionality description could be found here.

Supporting DXF, DWG, DGN, ESRI, PDF, XAML, EMF, JPG, ESRI formats

CADE Control utilizes DXF R12 file format. The latest DXF/DWG, DGN, ESRI and other formats support is available under request and implemented in a separate DLLs.
Please use CADE Pro application for the evaluation purposes.

C# WPF vector graphic editor with DXF, DWG and DGN formats support source code is now available:
The application utlizes CADE Control + a number of DLLs for DXF, DWG, DGN, ESRI, PDF, XAML, EMF, JPG, ESRI formats.
Zip archive 16380 KB
The application is based on MVVM design pattern where CADE Control functionality treated as model.

DWG Viewer

The following project demonstrates how to load and display DWG, DXF, DGN and other format files in a C# WPF project. Behind the seen the desired file is converted to XAML and then consumed by the WPF.
Zip archive 11871 KB

Web applications

Similary it is possible to provide DXF/DWG, DGN, ESRI format files preview and edit in browser. CADE Pro could convert DXF to XAML, DWG to XAML, DGN to XAML, ESRI to XAML. XAML format files could be opened with Microsoft Silverlight plug-in or directly in the browser. After the modification, XAML file could be uploaded back to the server and converted to the initial format. The following drawing explains the schema:


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